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HANTEMP Controls Introduces S4At Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve

WESTMONT, IL – HANTEMP Controls is now offering the model S4At Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve. While ideal for ammonia, these solenoid valves can also control CO2, fluorinated refrigerants, glycols, pure water, light oils, and other approved liquids. For ammonia refrigeration systems, they can be used for overfeed/recirculating liquid lines, suction lines over 10°F, hot gas lines, high pressure liquid lines and discharge gas lines. Functionally and dimensionally, the S4At replaces similar models from traditional steel & iron valve manufacturers.

HANTEMP Controls is an established manufacturer of Stainless Steel controlled ball valves, float switches, pressure regulators and flange unions for industrial refrigeration systems. For more information, please visit

Software designers raise funds for baby hospice

TruTac, the leading transport and logistics software designers have raised £1,060 for Zoё’s Place Baby Hospice, a registered charity who provide palliative (one-to-one care), respite and end-of-life care for babies and infants aged from birth to five years.

Mary Hodges, who is an analyst with TruTac, raised the funds at the company’s Coventry headquarters during the last year by running a tuck shop and various other activities, including raffles and competitions.

Zoё’s Place Receptionist and Maintenance Manager Debra Lacey recently accepted a special cheque from TruTac on behalf of the Fundraising Team. Muna Chauhan, Corporate Manager thanked Mandy and her colleagues for their fund-raising efforts.

“Everybody from TruTac has been very supportive and generous towards Zoë’s Place and the care we provide” said Muna from the Coventry hospice. “The care and respite provided by the hospice is greatly helped by donations of this sort. We need more and more local business like TruTac to come on board and help us reach our target of £1.3 million. We are truly grateful for all the support, the donation has provided an additional FORTY TWO hours of care, which is truly wonderful”.

Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice was founded by its Chairman of Trustees, Professor Jack Scarisbrick MBE in 1995. He identified that many families, with children suffering from life limiting or life threatening conditions, were desperately in need of specialist facilities where their children could receive respite or palliative care.

Consequently, the idea of a Baby Hospice was born and fittingly the name Zoë’s Place was chosen since Zoë is the Greek word meaning ‘Gift of Life’.

The first Hospice was opened in Liverpool. Its opening signified the beginning of a unique and much needed service. Then, in 2004 a second Zoë’s place was opened in Middlesbrough and in 2011 the third opened in Coventry.

For further information, see  or contact:

Muna Chauhan, Corporate Manager, Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice, Easter Way, Coventry CV7 9JG

Tel: 024 7693 9027/024 7636 1675/07584 325992 Email:

Adjustable Level Float Switch for “SEE-SWITCH” Line

WESTMONT, IL – HANTEMP Controls Stainless Steel Float-Switch line has expanded to include the new SSLLA adjustable Float Switch. Unique to the SSLLA adjustable Float-Switch is 5” of adjustable range permitting application-tailored switching levels. Applications include precise setting of the fill-level in surge drums, overfeed pumping accumulators and other instances requiring adjustable liquid level control.

Steel Float-Switch

LS Switch moves vertically along tank tube to set liquid level

HANTEMP Controls is an established manufacturer of stainless steel ball valves, flanges & flange unions, float switches and control valves for industrial refrigeration systems. For more information about the broad product line, please visit