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Making an Informed Decision on Your Passive Protection

Protek Pharma Worldwide, who have recently opened a 2,300m2 production facility in Verona, Italy, are making great strides with their expansion within the European market.

The cold chain logistics passive protection specialists are continuing their growth and availability of their innovative SureTemp® products.

Using their 50 years of combined expertise in manufacturing thermal insulated shipping components and solutions, Protek have created this informative video.

This stats-led animation gleans insight into the industry as a whole and gives useful advice on ensuring you’re making the correct decisions when shipping your products, from paperwork to protection.

About Protek Cargo

Protek manufactures industry leading SureTemp® passive temperature protection solutions for product distribution via Air, Ocean, Ground and Intermodal transport modes. Protek services the Beverage, Perishables, Pharmaceutical and Industrial markets. We provide stock and custom engineered designs using advanced materials, including proprietary enhanced Pallet Covers.

Uniform global sourcing from plants in the Americas, Europe and Asia ensure quality control and stable supply. Experienced Reuse/Recycle management programs create additional operational savings and lower packaging’s environmental impact.

Protek Pharma Worldwide Prepped to Take Europe By Storm

The launch of the 2,300m2 Verona production facility is a gamechanger in reach and service of European markets.

Protek has a continuing commitment to global manufacturing and availability worldwide. The company takes customer feedback seriously and is excited and proud to announce the
official opening of their new 2,300 square meter, state of the art production facility in Verona, Italy. Commission of a fully-automated, 2.75 meter wide extruder was completed in January
with capacity of over 20 million square meters annually.

As regulations increase, so do the requirements for Thermal Solutions protecting time and temperature sensitive commodities.

Scott Pierce, COO of Protek Pharma Worldwide explains the importance of the new facility, “At Protek, we understand the importance of regional availability for approved products and our
mission is to be aligned with our customers, offering the full range of SureTemp® insulated products.

We see this new European facility as fundamental and the natural next step to further extend our reach and support for our global customers, in addition to our existing manufacturing sites in North America, Vietnam and Australia.”

About Protek Cargo EU Protek Cargo manufactures industry leading passive temperature protection solutions for product distribution via Air, Ocean, Ground and Intermodal transport modes. Protek services the Beverage, Perishables, Pharmaceutical and Industrial markets. We provide stock and custom engineered designs using advanced materials, including proprietary Phase Change Material (PCM) enhanced Pallet Covers.

With our 50 years of combined expertise in manufacturing thermal insulated shipping components and solutions, Protek serves as experts throughout each phase of design, qualification and launch. Protek offers a consultative approach that preserves product integrity and ensures that goods are delivered in the most controlled, compliant, and cost-effective way possible.

Uniform global sourcing from plants in the Americas, Europe and Asia ensure quality control and stable supply. Experienced Reuse/Recycle management programs create additional
operational savings and lower packaging’s environmental impact

NEW Stainless Steel Flanges from HANTEMP Controls

WESTMONT, IL – HANTEMP Controls has released Stainless Steel Flange Bulletin FL 612h which includes the newly available Size 050 flanges. Available in SW, BW, and threaded connections, these rugged Stainless Steel flanges are compatible with Size 050 flanges from other manufacturers making them an ideal choice when upgrading to Stainless Steel piping. All HANTEMP flanges are available as single flanges (male or female), flange unions (with Stainless hardware), and flange kits (2 male flanges).

HANTEMP Controls is an established manufacturer of Stainless Steel controlled ball valves, float switches, solenoid valves, pressure regulators and flange unions for industrial refrigeration systems including ammonia, CO2, and others. For more information, please visit

CV Show 2018 Preview – 5 Good Reasons to Visit the TruTac Exhibition Stand!

The compliance and tachograph software experts TruTac, are focusing on 5 new product features and enhancements at this year’s CV Show.

1 – Earned Recognition:  Following the success of their work with the DVSA on Earned Recognition, TruTac is presenting a ‘fully interactive’ Earned Recognition report. The report features full drill-down and intuitive graphical data, which all customers can use free-of-charge to judge their own performance against Earned Recognition key performance indicators. Full details regarding how to use the latest ‘TruAnalysis’ technology to ensure compliance will be available from the TruTac stand.

– Driver Calendar Import: This new data import function from TruTac allows CSV (Comma Separated Values) files to be imported for holidays, sickness and other calendar entries required for working time management (including office and yard duties). Information can be imported straight from an existing time and attendance or HR system directly into the TruAnalysis Driver Calendar, thus eliminating administration duplication and human error.

3 – Divisions: TruTac’s new added value feature designed to simplify key division management for larger fleets with a more complex structure. Fast and accurate regional reporting with sub-levels for great KPI monitoring and control.

4 – GDPR: TruTac’s improved password protection and change enforcement procedures. Including extra data encryption protection across the TruControl suite of products to ensure full compliance with the new GDPR regulations coming out in May.

5 – TruLinks: A bespoke-designed, high level API management service to enable smooth data integration between all TruTac software products and any other related system where data share provides multiple management benefits.

As well as generating new leads and building partnership links, TruTac will utilise the Show as a platform to meet and thank existing customers for their continued business and support.

To find out more about any of these 5 new features visit TruTac’s stand, 4H01, at the CV Show or contact the TruTac team on 024 7669 0000 or email

For further information contact:

Jemma James, Commercial Director

TruTac Limited


Capacity Tables and Applications for HANTEMP Controls Ball Valves

WESTMONT, IL – HANTEMP Controls has released bulletin MCBV1117a which includes capacity tables for Stainless Steel MCBV Motor Controlled Ball Valves and manual COBRA-NECK® ball valves. In addition to providing valuable information for engineers, the data clearly illustrates the superior flow characteristics of ball valves. The application examples detail the use of HANTEMP ball valves in industrial refrigeration systems. HANTEMP ball valves provide precise control of refrigerant flow among other advantages. Visit and click on “Technical” to view all of the latest documentation.

HANTEMP Controls is an established manufacturer of Stainless Steel controlled ball valves, float switches, solenoid valves, pressure regulators and flange unions for industrial refrigeration systems including ammonia, CO2, and others. For more information, please visit

Global Cold Chain Market: Drivers, Restraint & Future Growth

The cold chain market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.0%, in terms of value, from 2017 to reach a projected value of USD 271.30 Billion by 2022.

To know about the assumptions considered for the study, Get Free Sample of the Report@

Growth Drivers:

  • The growing consumer demand for perishable foods
  • Growth of international trade due to trade liberalization
  • Expansion of food retail chains by multinationals

The Market is Dominated by Five Global Players:

  • Americold Logistics (U.S.)
  • Preferred Freezer Services (U.S.)
  • Burris Logistics (U.S.)
  • Lineage Logistics Holding LLC (U.S.)
  • and Nichirei Logistics Group Inc. (Japan)

Download PDF Brochure@

Restraint Factor

  • High energy & infrastructure costs are the growing concerns for cold chain service providers and environmental concerns regarding greenhouse gas emissions restrains the total market for coldchain.

 Regional Insight:

  • The cold chain market is experiencing high growth, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. The Asia-Pacific region is projected to be the fastest growing segment from 2017 to 2022.
  • Also, Asia-Pacific is estimated to account for the largest market share in refrigerated storage and refrigerated transport in 2017.

Lenham Storage Takes ‘TruControl’ of Compliance Best Practice

Lenham Storage, the ambient grocery and beverage Warehousing and Distribution specialists, have seen unexpected additional benefits since deploying TruTac’s new TruControl system.

As one of the UK’s leading grocery logistics experts, Lenham Storage already knew the importance of tachograph management, however, as a business committed to continuous improvement they wanted to build on their impressive compliance performance.

Whilst Lenham have always been good at managing tachographs they realised by using TruControl that they could take compliance to a higher level. So, instead of just ‘ticking a compliance box’ they used the valuable data to drive best practice and efficiencies throughout the business.

This holistic approach has seen not only a significant reduction in driver infringements but also improved administration, better auditing controls and significant driver behaviour improvement through enhanced debriefing and education.

“Every responsible transport operation needs to keep tight control of driver infringements” says Steve Phibbs, who oversees tachograph analysis, driver reports and WTD compliance at Lenham Storage.  “However, we wanted more than just tacho analysis, and have driven multiple admin efficiencies by investing in this latest technology.”

With around 250 vehicles involved in the daily distribution of grocery and ambient goods to multiples, high street retailers, hotels and farm shops throughout the UK, Lenham recognised the need to install a fleet compliance control system. They now debrief drivers quicker, track recommendations to ensure training has been done and improved management reporting delivering tighter auditing controls.

TruControl has 24/7 web-based reporting as standard, allowing Steve and his team instant access to key operational data just minutes after downloading. This, says Steve, provides total control over all WTD and compliance information enabling strategic management decisions to be made.

Steve added “Controlling tachograph data is a key part of maintaining a legal and efficient fleet but TruControl has taken this to another level. It’s easier to use, has KPI data available in management dashboards and has saved crucial admin hours for managers. TruControl does much more than keep us compliant with Hours Law and WTD, it delivers untold operational efficiencies and peace of mind.”

To eliminate possible driving licence verification issues, Lenham has also introduced TruLicence –  a bespoke TruTac package designed to instantly check UK drivers’ licences for compliance and insurance purposes.

“Using the TruLicence software” says Steve, “we can check and monitor each driver’s licence details, including points, qualifications and medical status, without the burden of lengthy manual procedures. It’s fast, accurate and easy to handle and most importantly, we can make sure no one is driving without a valid licence.”

Implementing TruControl was also a fast and pain free process, according to Steve. “The changeover only took a couple of days. Within no time, we had over 150 trucks and drivers using the system from our four UK sites in Maidstone, Andover, Aylesford and Sittingbourne. TruTac provided some initial on-site training and are always at the end of the phone for assistance.”

Lenham Storage is a family-owned and run business, and since 1946 has specialised in ambient grocery and FMCG storage and distribution. The company has over ¾ million square feet of shared-user warehousing, including 75,000 pallet spaces for racked or bulk stow storage.

Further information:

Jemma James, Commercial Director

TruTac Limited

Unit 5 Westwood House

Westwood Business Park




Telephone: 02476 690000

Mobile: 07894 475074



HANTEMP Controls CBV Controlled Ball Valves

WESTMONT, IL – The Stainless Steel CBV Controlled Ball Valves are for many industrial refrigeration applications. The companion electronic actuators provide precise modulation of the refrigerant flow, as well as slow opening and closing to reduce line shock. Straight-through flow, compared to globe-style valves, minimizes liquid puddling, and debris collection on the inlet of the valve, while delivering maximum flow. The patented COBRA-NECK® design locates the ISO 5211 F05 standard actuator mount above the potentially ice-encrusted body for easy servicing, and viewing of the valve position. CBV’s are rated up to 800 psig SWP @-70°F and are available in pipe connection sizes from 3/4” up to 3” for industrial refrigeration systems utilizing ammonia, CO2, and other approved refrigerants.


HANTEMP Controls is an established manufacturer of Stainless Steel controlled ball valves, float switches, solenoid valves, pressure regulators and flange unions for industrial refrigeration systems including ammonia, CO2, and others. For more information, please visit


VaccinePorter Carrier Systems

VaccinePorter® Carrier Systems –

keeping medicines effective for the last mile

Temperature controlled biomedicines such as Vaccines are actively or passively regulated at a thermal level different from the surrounding ambient environment. Vaccines are transported in refrigerated containers to surgeries and local vaccine storage facilities where they are then stored in special vaccine fridges, ready to be delivered to administration sites including schools, clinics and care homes.


Keeping cold chain medicines within the +2°C and +8°C temperature range is a difficult and risky process, having products too cold causes deterioration or too warm can render them inert. Medicines stored and transported correctly reduce any risk of compromising their quality, efficacy and safety, so using a proven validated cool box is essential.

Helapet VaccinePorter® Carriers allow for safe, controlled transit of temperature sensitive products between +2°C and +8°C for up to 8 hours, even with multiple openings for multi-site deliveries. Validation documentation assures the users that the controlled product is safe in transit, maintaining integrity right up to the point of patient administration.

VaccinePorter® Carriers are available in various capacity sizes granting flexibility for a multitude of healthcare applications, from inter-department transportation in hospitals to community immunisation programmes. Various biomedicines included in cold chain transportation include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Insulin
  • Anti-cancer drugs
  • Monoclonal antibodies


Simple and quick to prepare, each VaccinePorter® Carrier comes with a lightweight fully replaceable components to cost effectively maintain thermal performance. Each carrier incorporates a secure Velcro® fastening and tamper evident facility to prevent theft and a clear document holder allowing for easy storage of accompanying information.

Supplied in 5 different sizes VaccinePorter® Carriers can accommodate up to 8 litres of product. Pick out your preferred size by requesting your hard copy of our VaccinePorter brochure, simply by emailing

Why not talk to us today and see how VaccinePorter® Carriers can satisfy your transport requirements by calling 01582 501980. Visit us at to learn more

Pressure Regulator for Subcritical CO2 and Halocarbon Applications

WESTMONT, IL – The HANTEMP Controls “A4” series pressure regulators are engineered and
constructed to deliver precise modulation for industrial and commercial refrigeration
applications utilizing subcritical CO2 as well as approved halocarbons. Direct in-line ODS
connections from 7/8” through 1-5/8” can be specified for integration into systems with copper
piping. Models are also available for welding or threaded piping. The rugged low maintenance
Stainless Steel construction is well suited for installation in process areas and can withstand
harsh conditions at safe working pressures up to 800 psig.

HANTEMP Controls is an established manufacturer of Stainless Steel controlled ball valves, float
switches, solenoid valves, pressure regulators and flange unions for industrial refrigeration
systems including ammonia, CO
2, and others. For more information, please visit