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Cold Chain Coolers – The Cool Ice Box Company

This year The Cool Ice Box Company decided to focus heavily on non-powered Cold Chain Coolers for the medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries with greater emphasis on technical data and cold chain transportation information.

With this in mind, we have created a new medical device website –

SB1215The Cool Ice Box Company Ltd has long been the professional choice for scientific and medical cold chain logistics. Founded in 2008, the company is highly regarded for its expertise in providing products developed with highly advanced technology. This enables the holding of frozen or refrigerated contents for longer periods of time at low or sub zero temperatures without the use of external energy sources. Thus ensuring safe transportation of diagnostic samples from the extraction centre to the laboratory keeping the contents in order and perfect conditions.

The Cool Ice Box Company product range includes medical and consumable cold chain products, lifestyle cooler products and cold packs. We continues to source and design new and more innovative products. The latest additions to support the impressive product range are Nomad Travel cases, the AL Range; and tracking thermometers and data loggers.MD28L OPEN

Our Medical Cold Chain coolers are used for medical, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, blood, organ donation, stem cells, in fact anything that needs to be kept within the WHO guideline temperature of between 2- 8 C degrees.

To further develop our business we intend to focus on supplying specialist laboratory temperature control equipment for the medical, food, pharmaceutical and other life science related applications.

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