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Hardly a day goes by without the Testo Saveris radio and ethernet based humidity and temperature monitoring system finding a new use. The versatility and quality of Testo Saveris was vividly demonstrated by the recent installation at Quotient,  one of the world’s leading diabetes diagnostics businesses.

At the company’s modern premises in Walton on Thames, Surrey, Quotient is developing  point of care devices thaQDL montage copyt test levels of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in blood.  Quotient’s products – Quo-Test and Quo-Lab –enable medical staff to regularly and easily check the health of a diabetic patient without having to send blood samples off-site for testing.  

Despite their apparent simplicity, Quotient Production Manager Dr Roger Kimber was anxious to ensure that the Quo-Test and Quo-Lab analysers and testing cartridges are assembled in the highest quality environment available. This is where the Testo Saveris enters the story.

As Dr Kimber observes there are numerous benefits of the Testo Saveris product. “ The wireless probes are easy to place and are unobtrusive within their locations. We have numerous varied needs across the operation such as refrigerators, the plant room, laboratories and the cold store for finished products including delicate consumables. Everything is always on display via my PC and the remote 24 hour alarm system including SMS texts gives me peace of mind.

The cost of the system was also within our budget and met ISO 13485. I would say it is certainly the best system of its kind on the market.”

For the record there are six of the Testo Saveris probes at Quotient, each  approximately the size of a SmartPhone running specialist software with simple operation measured in minutes and an intuitive PC-based user interface. The other key component is the discreet table-top base unit which can save 40,000 readings per measurement channel – the equivalent of a year of memory- as well as constantly displaying data and alarms for up to 150 probes supported by an integrated backup battery. As part of a comprehensive package of services, Testo can also supply validatable CFR software, fulfiling the requirements of the FDA’s 21 CFR part 11. This means that when used in conjunction with the CFR software, Testo Saveris is suitable for the most demanding of monitoring requirements in pharmaceutical application. Testo also provides an ongoing and essential calibration service.

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MMD Shipping take a fresh look at the Saveris temperature and humidity monitoring system

If you are eating some nice fresh fruit such as a banana, pineapple, apple or a citrus variety then the chances are it was imported in to this country by MMD Shipping in Portsmouth – and the quality and freshness of the product has been significantly maintained by the newly installed Testo Saveris wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system.

The sheer scale of the MMD Montage MergedMMD operation is truly impressive, utilising approximately 700,000 pallets per annum. Some 70% of all UK banana imports alone are handled by the company operating five dedicated warehouses where the different fruits are taken directly from the ships at the quayside. Previously the company had relied on a combination of conventional thermometers and visual checks whilst using the massive doors as a cooling method in their own right. However, this system didn’t allow for ongoing accurate written records of the air quality. Maintenance Manager David Simpson instigated a thorough assessment of specialist systems on the market and having visited Testo at Alton for a demonstration of the Saveris system and the calibration facilities realised that this would be the ideal solution for his needs. The system comprises of a quickly installed base unit which controls multiple wireless probes with a range of up to 300 metres positioned throughout the complex and linked to the Ethernet via adjacent converters which are not affected by other radio waves. Where structural conditions may interfere then routers maintain the signal.

To indicate the scope of the base unit – which is connected to a PC – it can incorporate up to 150 probes or over 250 measurement channels and can save typically a year’s worth of data with its built in memory. In actual performance terms Mr Simpson is very pleased with the investment “The Testo technology means that I can watch over the whole operation from my desk and ensure that absolute varied conditions can be constantly and accurately maintained to meet individual product requirements which range from 0 to +20 degrees. Where we reach a critical measurement value at any moment then the automatic alarm system alerts me. The data recording benefit has proved to be of great value for example where a fruit producer has had a deterioration situation along the route to market. We will certainly be turning to Testo when our new storage building is completed and the overall system contributes significantly to our quality control and business image”.


Matthews Meats seal product quality with Saveris temperature & humidity monitoring system

Matthews Quality Meats based in Rochdale and founded in 1989 is a proud independent company with a deep pedigree of traditional butchers’ training and supplying the best meat and poultry products to a wide demanding audience. Nothing stays still and certain criteria have become increasingly important  in this sector which equates to MD Karl Matthews investing in the Testo Saveris technology which is an easy to install radio and Ethernet, wireless data monitoring system where temperature and humidity need to be measured constantly. Matthews Meats Montage v2

The perceived effect and placement of this system has underwritten Matthews accreditation to both the crucial European health requirement of EFSIS as well as the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food Safety.

Given Matthews wide expertise focused on minced and diced beef, pork, lamb and poultry and their varied customer base including Government premises, county councils, schools, fast food wholesalers and retailersMatthews Highlight it is absolutely vital to ensure constant checks and environment controls throughout the busy operation. The versatility and robust design of the Testo Saveris system is tangibly shown by the placement of the neat wall mounted probes in distinct areas such as the Tempering, Chiller, Freezer, Chill Store, Boning and Production Rooms – backed by a core ISO calibrated probe and the base unit and specialist user-friendly software.

Karl Matthews is very impressed and pleased with his acquisition “It’s a very good system which works well and gives us peace of mind that all is well all of the time. It is particularly important to us as regards the confidence and trust it inspires with visiting customers and inspectors alike. We have no doubts about ever presenting our premises and the Testo system is a vital part of our presentation format and the business progress”.


Davies International choose Testo Saveris as the remedy for secure medical storage

Davies International is one of the leading, most respected names as regards the specialised transportation of delicate and perishable products and they have Davies International logorecently enhanced this service with the installation of the Testo Saveris automatic, wireless monitoring system especially in terms of MHRA (Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Agency) compliance where it is a requirement to track and record temperatures when storing pharmaceutical products. Davies is based in Fareham, Hampshire and was founded in 1971 with just two vehicles and now operates a major international fleet as well as warehousing and storage premises and fleet management all of the highest attention and specification. Davies International 01

Essentially Testo Saveris is an easily installed radio and Ethernet data monitoring system where temperature and humidity are constantly noted and indicated or alerted as necessary via discreet probes back to the base unit as well as recording the on-going data via a PC. To indicate the scale of this installation, the base unit with GSM (text alarm facility) is situated in the office at one end of the Davies building. Next to the office is a large warehouse that is divided into two separate smaller warehouse areas. A stainless steel dividing wall separates the two areas. The whole warehouse building is approximately 80 metres long x 20 metres wide x 10 metres high, with each of the two areas is 40m L x 20m W x 10m H. Each area is fitted with floor to roof racking on three levels – bottom, middle and top – and each shelf is used for the storage of pharmaceutical products packed on pallets. Five ISO calibrated Saveris T1 probes were purchased and required an Ethernet cable from the base unit out of the office and through the first warehouse section and to the other side of the stainless steel dividing wall where it terminated with a converter. The objective was to have two sensors in the near warehouse wirelessly connected to the base unit and the two afar sensors (the two beyond the stainless steel wall) connected via the converter so as to ensure a clear and constant signal.Testo coldchain monitoring tools

The annual ISO calibration was carried out by a Testo engineer on-site, which in turn reduced the down time of the system, saving time and money. The probes were made available on the engineer’s arrival, and were back monitoring after calibration within five hours. Company director Steven Davies sees the Testo technology as a very positive step as he observes “The Testo Saveris System has enabled us to monitor hot/cold points within our warehouse continually without the need for human interaction. The software also calculates MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature) which is vital when assessing the impact on products we store when stored at certain temperatures. It is an improvement that was noted by the MHRA and follows GDP (Good Distribution Practice)”.