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Pharmaceutical Shippers Adopt Radical New Pallet Protection

Pune, INDIA – Leading shippers of controlled ambient pharmaceuticals are protecting temperature sensitive pallets with a revolutionary new solar material specifically designed to reflect direct sun and prevent air exchange during risk points and temperature spikes in the supply chain.

The innovative new SilverSkin™ material, designed by specialist thermal cover manufacture TP3 Global (, has been extensively developed and tested over the last year. Converted into thermal pallet cover sizes to suit various skid and air cargo pallet configurations, it fully encapsulates the freight to defer temperature change, protect against inclement weather and prevent contamination. 

TP3’s Technical Director, Peter Lockett, describes the SilverSkin™ PH300 material as pioneering. SilverSkinLaunching a low cost material with high reflectivity was always the baseline, but the PH300 also required additional qualities to make it the primary choice of shippers and freight companies.” 

Reducing thickness of materials (whilst maintaining performance) not only improves efficiency of transportation but also reduces required stock storage space. With PH300 material being less than 1mm thick, around 100 covers can be shipped on a pallet. Material characteristics are also key to operational ease of use. The PH300 stays in form when shaped around the pallet, making it very quick, easy and flexible to fit.

The material can be cut or folded to suit the exact size of pallet, giving huge flexibility and less reliance of holding stock of too many different sizes. Lockett adds “ We’ve not met an operational forwarder who doesn’t like this material yet!”

Transportation of controlled ambient (controlled room temperature, CRT) pharmaceuticals face stricter attention from regulators under updated Good Distribution Practice guidelines (GDP). Product temperature limits now have to be defined and deviations have to be reported. As a result, additional thermal protection is required where ambient temperatures limits may be exceeded during the supply chain route. SilverSkin PH300 isothermal pallet covers are available in India through TP3’s distribution partner Cool Logistics India Pvt ( Capture2

About TP3

TP3 Global Ltd was founded in the UK with manufacturing bases in UK and India. The SilverSkin range of reflective thermal pallet covers is bringing innovative technical materials to effective use in protecting both pharmaceutical and perishable freight around the world. For further information visit