CRTS ‘pin-drop’ control with Verilocation vehicle tracking

Cornwall Refrigerated Transport Services report greater visibility and control for their Cornwall and West Devon operations since installing real-time GPS tracking from Verilocation Tracking Solutions.

150915 - CRTS 'pin-drop' control with Verilocation vehicle trackingBased in Bodmin, Cornwall, CRTS provide quick-response, 24 hour assistance for all temperature controlled transport, including sea containers, portable cold stores and drilling rigs. Aside from fridge repairs and maintenance servicing, CRTS also offers a service and repair facility for bus and coach air–conditioning, refrigerated trailer rental and refrigerated vehicle bodywork repairs.

“With such a diverse range of services and a relatively wide area to cover, we realised that a more efficient method of tracking and planning our jobs was required for our mobile workshop fleet” says Managing Director of CRTS, Tim Edwards. “That is where Verilocation came in.”

With the Verilocation ‘Pin-Drop’ facility, CRTS can instantly flag locations across the counties and more accurately provide customers with an estimated arrival time for their breakdown or service requirement. A quick reference to the control screen will determine the location of each service vehicle and the optimum route and journey time can be determined from here. This provides the company with much greater visibility of fleet and accountability to their customers.

“We can also monitor all of our vehicle activities, including speed, mileage, idling and, of course, location, at any time”, continues Tim. “This is an asset, not just for keeping an eye on the fleet but also for monitoring driver behaviour. The tracking system produces an ongoing ‘score’ for each driver which has encouraged a sense of competition among the engineers to be the best. The effect has been to educate on more economic driving styles, maintain an efficient level of service and also to help keep vehicle running costs down.”

CRTS is also able to download historical location and journey information from each service vehicle remotely at any time. “As we provide a 24 hour service, there is always an engineer on standby. Using the tracking reports we can see if an engineer has been called out during the night which means we do not have to disturb them during their rest period, but still know exactly where they have been working and when. We simply log-in and retrieve the information.” Adds Tim.

After seeing the benefits of the Verilocation system for themselves and their customers and recognising the growing need for full fleet visibility and security, CRTS decided to expand their services. The Company now offers a wide range of vehicle electrical and transport solutions, including tracking services and temperature monitoring with Verilocation.

“We strive to provide a broad range of services and the Verilocation temperature monitoring system is particularly relevant for many of our existing customers who deliver temperature sensitive goods.” Available through CRTS, the system enables operators to monitor the load temperature of any vehicle in real time. “Via SMS or email, an automatic alert can be sent to the operator’s control office with information regarding any deviations from the fridge’s defined set points.” Additionally, the system notifies when doors are open and for how long. All useful information, which provides a proof-of-journey audit whenever it might be required.

Further Information
Verilocation was established in 1999 and remains a family owned business with no external shareholders.
The company provides a wide range of bespoke programmes to enhance vehicle fleet efficiency with improved management control, including: Vehicle and trailer tracking using GPS; temperature monitoring for food distribution; full CANbus engine management system interface; geofencing; data retrieval and storage; driver behaviour monitoring; real-time tachograph monitoring; driver ‘dashboard’ control systems.
Fleet management control packages can be installed without interruption to existing traffic office arrangements and contracts are typically available from 3 to 5 years. Verilocation also provides a one-to-one technical helpline for all customers.

Contact Information
Verilocation Limited
24-26 Queensbridge Old Bedford Road
Northampton NN4 7BF
Tel: 01604 859854