HANTEMP Controls Announces Pressure Regulator Line

WESTMONT, IL – HANTEMP Controls has unveiled a new line of stainless steel control valves & modules for pressure, temperature, and liquid control. The A4t Pressure Regulators and S4A Solenoid Valves feature stainless steel construction which avoids rusting, and are suitable for a wide range of industrial refrigeration applications including cold storage warehouses, food & beverage production plants, liquid chillers, and marine refrigeration.

A4St Flanged Regulator with Electric Shut-Off

A4St Flanged Regulator with Electric Shut-Off

Functionally and dimensionally, the A4t line replaces similar models from traditional steel & iron valve manufacturers. The available configurations provide precise modulation in many refrigeration applications: pressure, electric shut-off, electric wide opening, defrost relief, outlet pressure, temperature, dual pressure, plus solenoid valves for liquid, suction, or hot gas.

HANTEMP Controls is an established manufacturer of stainless steel actuated ball valves, flanges & flange unions, and float switches for industrial refrigeration systems. For more information about the innovative product line, please visit www.hantempcontrols.com

Contact: Kevin Kilbride

Marketing Coordinator