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Helapet BloodPorter for Blood Transport

Helapet BloodPorter carrying systems are designed for the safe and controlled transportation of red blood cells, platelets and plasma between hospital sites blood banks and wards. Featuring a replaceable inner moulding surrounded by a robust carrying bag, the BloodPorter can effectively maintain the desired temperature threshold for extended periods of time whatever the external conditions.

Ideal for keeping blood products warm or cool, the BloodPorter carrying system is available in a selection of sizes and configurations to suite specific applications. A custom design service is also available for specific colour and artwork requirements*

MediCool technology

BloodPorter carrying systems use MediCool packs which can be repeatedly used to maintain the internal storage temperature. Comprised of a water based non-toxic solution, Medi

Group Blood Porter Shot

Cool packs can be configured in each porter, eliminating the need for ice and improving storage capacity. The BloodPorter can be used with dry ice, and protective polythene liners are available to extend the life of the product.

Safety and security

With strong carrying straps for safe lifting and handling and a secure velcro fastening system, the Helapet BloodPorter enables quick access whilst providing extra protection for the inner chamber. When security is an issue, a tamper evident closure system is available. Each porter also comes with a clear document holder allowing the insertion of instructions/information making identification simple and easy to use.

Replacement inners to save money
Each BloodPorter utilises a fully replaceable polystyrene inner moulding to store and protect transported blood samples. Tailored to the size of each BloodPorter , customers can order replacement inner mouldings and polythene liners from Helapet to maintain the chamber integrity

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