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Making an Informed Decision on Your Passive Protection

Protek Pharma Worldwide, who have recently opened a 2,300m2 production facility in Verona, Italy, are making great strides with their expansion within the European market.

The cold chain logistics passive protection specialists are continuing their growth and availability of their innovative SureTemp® products.

Using their 50 years of combined expertise in manufacturing thermal insulated shipping components and solutions, Protek have created this informative video.

This stats-led animation gleans insight into the industry as a whole and gives useful advice on ensuring you’re making the correct decisions when shipping your products, from paperwork to protection.

About Protek Cargo

Protek manufactures industry leading SureTemp® passive temperature protection solutions for product distribution via Air, Ocean, Ground and Intermodal transport modes. Protek services the Beverage, Perishables, Pharmaceutical and Industrial markets. We provide stock and custom engineered designs using advanced materials, including proprietary enhanced Pallet Covers.

Uniform global sourcing from plants in the Americas, Europe and Asia ensure quality control and stable supply. Experienced Reuse/Recycle management programs create additional operational savings and lower packaging’s environmental impact.

VaccinePorter Carrier Systems

VaccinePorter® Carrier Systems –

keeping medicines effective for the last mile

Temperature controlled biomedicines such as Vaccines are actively or passively regulated at a thermal level different from the surrounding ambient environment. Vaccines are transported in refrigerated containers to surgeries and local vaccine storage facilities where they are then stored in special vaccine fridges, ready to be delivered to administration sites including schools, clinics and care homes.


Keeping cold chain medicines within the +2°C and +8°C temperature range is a difficult and risky process, having products too cold causes deterioration or too warm can render them inert. Medicines stored and transported correctly reduce any risk of compromising their quality, efficacy and safety, so using a proven validated cool box is essential.

Helapet VaccinePorter® Carriers allow for safe, controlled transit of temperature sensitive products between +2°C and +8°C for up to 8 hours, even with multiple openings for multi-site deliveries. Validation documentation assures the users that the controlled product is safe in transit, maintaining integrity right up to the point of patient administration.

VaccinePorter® Carriers are available in various capacity sizes granting flexibility for a multitude of healthcare applications, from inter-department transportation in hospitals to community immunisation programmes. Various biomedicines included in cold chain transportation include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Insulin
  • Anti-cancer drugs
  • Monoclonal antibodies


Simple and quick to prepare, each VaccinePorter® Carrier comes with a lightweight fully replaceable components to cost effectively maintain thermal performance. Each carrier incorporates a secure Velcro® fastening and tamper evident facility to prevent theft and a clear document holder allowing for easy storage of accompanying information.

Supplied in 5 different sizes VaccinePorter® Carriers can accommodate up to 8 litres of product. Pick out your preferred size by requesting your hard copy of our VaccinePorter brochure, simply by emailing info@helapet.co.uk.

Why not talk to us today and see how VaccinePorter® Carriers can satisfy your transport requirements by calling 01582 501980. Visit us at www.helapet.co.uk to learn more

Helapet Cold Chain VaccinePorter Carrying systems

Helapet VaccinePorter carrying systems are designed for the safe and controlled transportation of vaccines and temperature sensitive solutions. Featuring a replaceable inner moulding surrounded by a strong carrying bag, the VaccinePorter range can effectively maintain a temperature threshold of between +2°C and +8°C for extended periods of time whatever the external conditions.

Ideal for the transit of an increasing number of products requiring controlled storage conditions, the VaccinePorter is available in a selection of sizes and volume options. A custom design service is also available for specific colour and artwork requirements*Group Vaccine Porter Shot

MediCool technology

VaccinePorter carrying systems use MediCool packs which can be repeatedly used to maintain the internal storage temperature. Comprised of a water based non-toxic solution, MediCool packs can be configured in each porter, eliminating the need for ice and improving storage capacity.

Safety and Security

With strong carrying straps for safe lifting and handling and a secure velcro fastening system, the Helapet Vaccine Porterenables quick access whilst providing extra protection for the inner chamber. When security is an issue, a tamper evident closure system is available.

Replacement inners to save money

Each VaccinePorter utilises a fully replaceable polystyrene inner moulding to store and protect the transported product. Tailored to the size of each Vaccineporter, customers can order replacement inner mouldings from Helapet to maintain the chamber integrity

For further information or a free demonstration on our range of cold chain transportation systems, contact us on our dedicated freephone number 0800 230 0191 or email porters@helapet.co.uk  order replacement inner mouldings from Helapet to maintain the chamber integrity.

Keep updated on Helapet Cold Chain Management developments on www.helapet.co.uk, or visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages